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Asset Securitization Report’s August issue cover story looks at development of the European DataWarehouse


Scheduled to launch later this year, the European DataWarehouse will, for the first time, house loan-level data on a wide range of loans backing the region’s ABS. The European Central Bank is the information repository’s biggest client and champion.

In this month’s cover story, Felipe Ossa looks at the hows and whys of the new project.

Although the American mortgage sector is more advanced in providing this type of data to investors, the Europeans have been able to demonstrate how regulators and the private sector can work closely together to give securitization a fighting chance in today’s dysfunctional markets. Despite initial resistance to the initiative – the Dutch banks have said they would not be shareholders in the warehouse – many European securitization players are ready to push forward, with RMBS the first asset class to have collateral loaded in”.

“To be fair, organizations like the European Central Bank, as well as most central banks today, were not designed to do the things that the market is asking them to do currently,” said Paul Burdell, Director of the European DataWarehouse & CEO of LCM Partners. “However, the European Central Bank saw an absolute need for transparency in ABS, and from this came the loan-level data initiative.”

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